Multilane wrapping machines combined high capacity with gentle handling of products, therefore are particularly suitable for products made by A-CX or A-DX lines.

Products are extracted by grippers from lamellas and directly laid down onto wrapping film – this means the product is not touching any machinery part or other equipment – ensuring highest hygiene standards.

Another benefit is that foil pull is low, which means thin foil could be used. This saves on packaging costs, as well as enabling longer runs between reel changes.

Multilane wrappers are also very suitable for multipack production, with possibility to pack 2/3/4 different kinds of product same time and further load to multipacks.

Features of MULTI LANE:

  • Heavy duty, reliable construction
  • Slow motion of foil
  • Enhanced hygiene 
  • PIP – picture in place function
  • Hot and cold sealing
  • Outlet conveyor for product discharge
  • Short change-over time from one product to other

Technical parameters:

VW800 2 rows 12 000/h
MLW6 6 rows 18 000/h
MLW8 8 rows 24 000/h
MLW9 9 rows 27 000/h


Actual capacity will depend upon the type and size of the product, paper/foil quality, and the transfer robot infeed system chosen.

Optional accessories:

Multilane wrappers can be completed with following accessories:

  • Automatic reel splicer
  • Ink jet data printing
  • No product no bag function
  • Connection conveyors for manual packing to cartons (3 level packing conveyor as standard)
  • Connection conveyors for automated packing to cartons

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