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Spare parts

Spare parts and after-sale care for our customers are very important parts of our business.

Technical assistance

Technical assistence help you with mechanical or software/electrical problem VOJTA equipment

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Download lines datasheets and another documents

Spare parts for other brand machines

We have possibility to supply also other brands spare parts, such as chains, seals, gaskets and electrical components.

Spare parts:
We have possibility to supply spare parts for:
  • MARK,
  • HOYER,
  • and others.

Mostly are parts for freezers required, but we can also deliver tunnel chains, heating elements, sprayers, spares for wrapping machines etc.

Mold rings:
We have possibility to supply spare parts for:
  • ROLLO,
  • RIA,
  • TECHNOSTICK machines.

There are more than 250 different molds available.

We supply for existing lines:
  • Nozzles
  • Vertical cutting stations
  • Toping vats
  • W2 tables- in order to expand production possibilities on existing equipment.

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