FF 100


FF 100 ingredient feeder is designed for controlled injection of wide range of particulate ingredients into a continuous flow of ice cream.
Pieces of nuts, nougat, chocolate, candied or fresh fruit and flakes can be added at present volume and gently mixed with ice cream.
FF feeder is normally employed in line with continuous freezer and filling machine in order to produce enriched ice cream in cups, cones, bulk etc.

Features of FF 100:

  • precise control for feeding particulate and liquid ingredients
  • simple design with exellent reliability
  • double hopper - dosing of 2 different ingredients
  • enhanced cleanability, easy accessible wash down areas
  • all stainell steel open frame construction
  • capacit ice cream flew 300 - 2 000 liters/h
  • touch screen for digital control of auger, pump and blender speeds

Technical parameters:

<h2>Optional accessories:</h2>

FF 100 machine can be completed with following accessories:

  • Weighing system for hopper 1 and hopper 2 (loss-in-weight system)
  • LAN connection to freezer for automated capacity control
  • External hopper with vibration feeding adding extra large ingredients
  • Different types of augers
  • Different types of mixers

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