In order to preserve ice cream quality, fast freezing of products to approximately -18°C is necessary, before end packaging to cartons.

Fast freezing in a hardening tunnel limits the growth of ice crystals, therefore conserves optimal ice cream texture.

VOJTA Equipment HT tunnels are designed to rapidly freeze flat top cones, family packs, cups, and other products, made by other machines. Loading and unloading can be manual or automatic.

HT tunnels are based on tray chain system, placed inside insulated box. Freezing is done by one or more evaporators, cooled by refrigerants: freon, ammonia and CO2.

HT tunenls are produced for up to 3 000kg/hour, depending on product type and size.

Features of ARCTIC HT:

  • Lubrication free main chain as standard
  • Insulated box from heavy dense polyurethane
  • Evaporator/s with fast, high pressure fans
  • Set of trays with edges
  • Worktable for manual/automatic loading/unloading
  • Refrigerant freon, ammonia or CO2

Optional accessories:

  • Sequential defrost with up to 4/5 evaporators
  • Special layout of worktable, more woktables   
  • Product holding plates to trays –for automatic unloading/cartonising
  • Conveyors and robots for plant automation

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