ARCTIC M are smallest automatic extrusion line from range of ARCTIC C lines, ideal start for „family“ business. Capacity range for ML4 up to 4 000 pcs/hour and for ML6 up to 6 000 pcs/h.

Line is of a innovative „container“ concept - hardening tunnel with cooling unit is delivered completely assembled -including conveyor, evaporators and insulated box, together with piping, cabling etc.

Also worktable and pick up system are fully assembled, too. This ensures rapid, trouble free installation, as all vital parts are preassembled and tested in VOJTA’s production. Installation time is reduced to 3-5 days approx, including refrigeration.

Features of ARCTIC M:

  • 1 row of products on tray
  • Pick up system chain with pincers (A-MN) or lamellas (A-ML)
  • Working table and pick-up unit - completely wired, assembled
  • Very compact footprint - suitable for small working areas
  • Modular concept of worktable – new stations easily introduced to existing line
  • Lubrication free main chain as standard
  • Heavy duty, reliable construction
  • Very low capital investments
  • Wide range of products in basic execution
  • Possible upgrade for another interesting products
  • Refrigerant freon, ammonia or CO2

Technical parameters:

  • Stick production up to 6.000 pcs/h
  • Ball Cone production up to 4.200 pcs/h
  • Sandwich production up to 4.500 pcs/h
  • Bar production up to 6.000 pcs/h
  • Wafer Cup production up to 3.500 pcs/h


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