ARCTIC DX is custom built line for medium and large scale productions.
Capacity range: from 10.000 to 28.000 pcs/hour

Products: complete range of products made by extrusion systems

Features of ARCTIC DX:

  • 1-2-3-4 rows of products on tray
  • Lubrication free main chain as standard
  • Sequential defrost with up to 5 evaporators
  • Lamella pick up system
  • Single or multiple dipping station/s
  • Double line wrappers, multilane wrappers
  • Heavy duty, reliable construction
  • Tailor-made according to customer requirements
  • Minimalised down-times via remote Teleservice
  • Short change-over time from one product to other
  • High output with reasonable capital investments
  • Refrigerant freon, ammonia or CO2

Technical parameters:

  • Stick production up to 27.000pcs/h
  • Ball Cone production up to 27.000pcs/h
  • Sandwich production up to 27.000pcs/h
  • Bar production up to 27.000pcs/h
  • Wafer Cup production up to 24.000pcs/h
  • Big Cone production up to 18 000pcs/h
  • Log production up to 1 500pcs/h
  • Other products/capacities on request

Optional Equipment:

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