Complete plants

Would you wish to start a new production of ice cream or expanding current one?

VOJTA Equipment is one-source manufacturer and supplier of complete solutions, processes, equipment and components for succesfull ice cream production.

You can reach consistent production quality, low costs resulting in good profitability, and solutions focused to your needs.

  • We design optimal layout for all needed machines to meet customers requirements, including piping, conveyors and end packaging.
  • We suggest material workflow – from handling raw materials untill end packaging in cartons and pallets.
  • We offer are various levels of automation – from semiautomation with just important parts automated, in order to meet limited budgets, untill full scale automation including SCADA data reporting for management plant analysis and performance improvements.
  • We understand the importance of proper process, equipment and space utilization, in both larger and smaller ice cream production plants, having following benefits:
    • Higher efficiency of production, reduced production costs
    • Less vaste
    • Reduced staff requirements
    • Energy savings

We are ready to help you!

We offer project and realisation of:

Complete solution

Thanks to our more than 25 years experience in ice cream equipment manufacturing, we are strong and reliable partner.

We offer turnkey projects consisting of:

  • Raw material storage
  • Mixing, ageing, freezing
  • Production equipment
  • Transport conveyors
  • End packaging
  • CIP

Our equipment can produce moreless any type of ice cream product, with the desired shape, flavours and colours, in a choice of attractive packaging.

Conveyors, End packaging

  • Carton sealing machines (semiatomatic/automatic)
  • Carton filling machines (semiatomatic/automatic)
  • Weighing conveyors and metal detectors
  • Transport conveyor systems
  • Palletising systems

CIP, piping

  • Ageing tanks
  • CIP central plant
  • Piping, valve islands

Data acquisition system

  • Visualization of the factory
  • Daily, monthly reports
  • Easy installation, into your current factory

Examples of our projects

CIP piping:

Complete solution:

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