SPECIALS Ice Cream Products are produced on external work table (W1 or W2 MACHINE) which can be linked to any type of extrusion line.

SPECIALS stick ice-cream shape is made by extrusion of ice-cream through appropriate nozzles or rotary head. Products are cut with heated blade and slices are accurately positioned on conveyor trays. A stick is inserted into the ice-cream by external stick inserting station (static or dynamic), if required. The products on the trays are transported into the hardening tunnel, deeply frozen, picked-up, dipped into the chocolate (if required) and wrapped to get complete product intended for the market.

In our portfolio is possible to find a large range of extrusion heads with various shapes. From classic to special shapes consisting of two or more colours.

Features of Specials:

  • Production capacity from 3000 - 7 000 pcs/h on one machine.
  • Unique and non-standards products of unusual shapes.
  • Wide range of machines for different combinations of products and capacity demands.


Necessary machines:

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