SANDWICH Ice Cream Products can be produced either on vertical extrusion station of continuous extrusion line (ARCTIC M, ARCTIC CX or ARCTIC DX) or on bricket filling machine (BF2).

SANDWICH ice-cream shape is made by extrusion of ice-cream through appropriate nozzles. Products are cut with heated wire and slices are accurately positioned pre inserted bottom biscuits (manually or automatically) on conveyor trays. After inserting upper biscuits are products formatted to reach uniform shape and dimensions. Inserting stations for biscuits can be pneumatically operated or fully synchronised via servo driven mechanism. Final products are transported into the hardening tunnel, deeply frozen, picked-up, dipped into the chocolate (if required) and wrapped to get complete product intended for the market.

BRICKET ice-cream is completely made on bricket filling machine including inserting bottom and upper wafers and fully wrapping into the foil material.

In our portfolio is possible to find a large range of extrusion heads with various shapes. From classic to special shapes consisting of two or more colours.

Features of Sandwich:

  • Production capacity from 3 000 - 27 000 pcs/h.
  • Complete one portion layered dessert.
  • Wide range of machines for different combinations of products and capacity demands.



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