Family Pack

FAMILY PACK Ice Cream Products can be produced either on simply filling machine (SF or DU Series), automatic filling machine (WT Series) or lamella filling machine (LF Series).

FAMILY PACK filled ice-cream shape is made by filling the ice-cream through time elapse filling valves (mounted on platform and fully synchronised to the main movement) into pre inserted cups (manually or automatically). Rotation, top decoration, dry ingredients, lids placement and nearly any shape and flavour combinations are possible. The products can be reloaded on the trays are transported into the hardening tunnel, deeply frozen, picked-up and packaged to get complete product intended for the market.

In our portfolio is possible to find a large range of filling types with various shapes. From classic to special rotary shapes consisting of two or more colours.

Features of Family Pack:

  • Production capacity from 500 - 6 000 pcs/h (depends on size).
  • Almost all required shape combinations possible.
  • Wide range of machines for different combinations of products and capacity demands.

Necessary machines:



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